Meet Our Team

COM 414

COM414, also known as Advanced Studio Production, is a comunications course at Bradley for students in the Television Arts program. These students make up a core part of the BUTV crew, acting as the production’s foundation each season. These positions change semester-to-semester, so be sure to check in and see who’s behind the screen, creating the BUTV magic.

Our Anchors

Our show would be nothing without the talented anchors you see on screen. BUTVs anchors are student volunteers who audition at the beginnig of each semester. Take a look at our current line-up to learn more about the students who give you the news.

Our Past Talent

This is a new archive as of Spring 2024. This is a work in progress, so please bear with us. This archive is meant to honor our past anchors who brought our show to life. Although our team has changed, it would not be the same without all that came before.