Men’s Basketball Team Falls to Ole Miss

The Men’s Basketball team lost at Delaware on Tuesday night for their 7th consecutive loss.

Despite that, there have been some positives from this year’s young team.

Some of those positives were on display last Saturday, as the Braves hosted Ole Miss.

Ole Miss is from the SEC conference, and they made the NCAA Tournament last year. (See video.)

We begin with Ronnie Suggs knocking down a long 2 off an inbounds pass.

Suggs would have 5 of the team’s 12 bench points.

Scottie James, who has played well as of late, misses here, but Callum Barker follows it up and tips it in.

We finish up with Joel Okafor, who gets a jumper as the shot clock winds down.

Bradley would falter in the 2nd half, as they would lose 67-54.